You’re Gonna Stumble…

…but don’t stay down.

This blog post was supposed to be up two days ago, but one thing happened, then another – I got busy with my kids, and a new manuscript I’m hoping might one day soon be a new book – and I came down with a case of what I call mush-brain and forgot to post.

This kind of thing happens all the time to us writers. We dream of a story, we sketch out the characters, do our internet, rabbit-hole research, and then…life. We WANT to write. We actually NEED to – some of us, to stay sane in our quirky, writer bodies. But things happen. Disasters. Emergencies. Bills. We get busy and then, and then, and then, and then…..

The thing is, that busy part’s expected. It’s the way you deal with the “and then” that ends up being the issue.

The problem arises when we look back at those days that ended up jam-packed with errands, appointments, urgent family matters that HAD to be addressed and tell ourselves a story. We say, hm. I didn’t write. Which means, I’m not writing. 

And then we own that I’m not writing thing. We continue it. We perpetuate that sucker. We start to embrace it much like I embraced Chris Pratt in a recent dream. A couple of missed days, or self-imposed deadlines, becomes an identity.

I. Am. Not. Writing.

What’s that thing Isaac Newton the Science Guy said about a object and motion and inertia? Basically, just that you’re going to keep doing what you did for the past couple of days. So if you write, you’ll keep writing. If you’re running around getting stuff done, you’re going to do that too.

So, whisper it softly to yourself, just as Chris Pratt might, if he was here right now…

I. Am. Writing.

I. Am. Writing.

I. Am. Writing.





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