#100WordsFromHere: Big Writing, Little Chunks

How do you find the time?

[Insert the sound of a writer gnashing her teeth and laughing maniacally].

When mere mortals think of writing novels, they can often see only the enormity of the task. They imagine slaving away at a laptop for hours on end, maybe holed away in a quiet office or (heavenly thought) a mountain cabin in the woods. And we have to admit, the mountain cabin thing is a sweet gig if you can get it. And will you invite us if you do?

MJ writes #100WordsfromHere, a coffee shop on the way to work in the morning
MJ often writes #100WordsfromHere, a coffee shop on the way to work in the morning

But we — your humble Draft Queens and busy moms — believe that more often, big writing happens in small chunks. It happens in the minivan while the kids are at soccer practice. It happens in the break room on the lunch hour that’s never long enough. While the clothes are in the dryer or the baby’s napping or your loving spouse is watching the kids for a couple of hours. It happens late at night and early in the morning, when saner, less passionate souls are sleeping or watching TV.

Because we are not mere mortals. We. Are. Novelists.

…And parents and worker bees and volunteers and active members of the community. For those of us still at amateur and semi-pro author status, who can’t make a complete living with our writing (yet), the good stuff must be wrestled from the jaws of the modern schedule, like the last Girl Scout cookie of the season from my surprisingly strong, hangry hands.

Ten, fifty or a hundred words at a time. Thus, #100WordsfromHere.

#100WordsfromHere is a celebration of writing that happens whenever and wherever we make it happen. We invite writers of all kinds to join us for #100WordsfromHere all over the internet. Just take a selfie (or have someone do it for you — a “you-ie?”) from wherever you’re writing today and post it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #100WordsFromHere. (If you want to tag us on Twitter, we’re @DHQueens together and @MJPullen or @EmilyDCarpenter separately.)

It doesn’t matter what you’re writing, or whether you’re hammering away at your laptop or making thumb-numbing notes on your phone. Working out a plot problem on the running trail. We don’t even care whether you’re in the Draft House program or just passing by. This is all about cheering one another on, connecting with other writers, and showing the world that big stories happen a few words at a time.

Every story starts somewhere. Where will your #100WordsfromHere take you?

Taking one for the team at the Irish Pub. #100WordsfromHere

PS – This blog was almost entirely written at my local Irish pub (which is, oddly, quieter than my house when my kids are in residence — or at least I find it easier to tune out the noise) while Hubs put the kids to bed. #100WordsfromHere




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