Make Time…

…to dream something big, to make a plan, to cross something off your ever-growing bucket list.

A recent survey floating around claims 81% of Americans believe they have a book in them. If you’re a part of 81% but you’re not sure how to go about getting that book out of you, The Draft House can help.

When I decided to finally buckle down and get serious about an exercise regimen, I signed up with a local boot camp. I wrote a check for a month of three workouts a week, and in exchange, got focused attention on my participation. The guy who ran the program expected to see me – no excuses – in every class I signed up for. No matter what. If I didn’t show, I knew I was going to get a text – You okay? What’s going on? Do something today.

There’s no way I could ghost the classes. And guess what? I’ve been working out there for four years now.

In much the same way, our new accountability and support program, The Draft House, can be your personal trainer of writing. We’ll show you that you DO have time, you DO have the drive and discipline to get that novel or non-fiction book onto paper. We’ll make it happen, we’ll do it with you, and we’ll have fun helping you make your book more than just another dream item on your bucket list.

Make time. Write your book. We’ll help.

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